Crown Capital

Corporate Services


As a mid-market focused private equity institution, Crown Capital offers a comprehensive portfolio of bespoke services to our clients.

We work with each client to determine what are the best solutions to meet their needs. Our service products range from assisting clients with capital investments, capital financing and short-term liquidity. We also offer a comprehensive range of corporate advisory services.

Crown Advisory Services

Corporate Advisory


The team at Crown have deep and vast experience in leading successful companies as well as advising our clients to succeed. We provide high quality advice to both public and private companies and organizations to assist directors and shareholders in key commercial decisions. Our services include:

Valuations – Governance – Corporate Restructuring – Investor communication – Organisational review

Funds Management


Wealth management for accredited investors and family offices is at the core of our business. We offer a carefully crafted portfolio of investment solutions.

Our Investment team match each client with the ideal investments to meet their needs.  Our principals have developed several high growth investment opportunities within Crown Debt Fund L.P. which complement direct investment offerings in private companies through equity and debt financing

Funds Advisement


Our global presence is demonstrated through the investment opportunities that we create. Our primary strategy is to identify undervalued assets and mispriced opportunities in the market, and then arbitrage the opportunities to benefit our clients.

The results of our exhaustive search for the right deals, the extensive due diligence by our team and deal making that follow demonstrate the best opportunities for investors. The investments we create range from early stage growth to tenured companies in markets ranging from established to emerging markets.

Debt Financing


Crown can assist with optimizing your current debt portfolio, retiring debt and sourcing new debt. Our expert team members provide a range of analytical services to assist with decision making.

The financing needs of each company are unique. We address your situation and offer finance products catered to your specific need. Crown will ensure a commercially sensible solution for the directors and officers of the company. Our services include:

Capital Structure Analysis – Balance Sheet Restructuring – Business & Finance Analysis – Financial Modeling – Raising Debt (including Trade, Plant & Equipment Financing). 

We also specialize in structuring sub-prime property and auto debt, and gold.

Exchange Listings


Crown works with high growth companies to assist them with listing on a high growth exchanges in Australia and New Zealand. Unlike traditional service companies, Crown often takes a significant equity interest in the listed company. This ensures that the interests of the client and the financial service provider are fully aligned. It is a major source of comfort for our clients.

We continue to support the listed company, most often retaining a director of the listed company to provide governance and advice.

Compliance Listings


The Crown team are specialists in compliance listing, which is the process of creating a special purpose vehicle (SPV) for the listing of your company. Advantages of the SPV are significant, including:

  • Speed of completing the transaction within 12-20 weeks

  • Listing costs are lower than that of alternatives

  • Certainty – Knowledge of assets is absolute, as little due diligence is required

  • The structure is customizable and may be tailor made to suit the acquirer

Business Sales


Selling a business requires expertise, finesse and strategic decision making. The Crown team work across a wide range of sectors to assist our clients complete a trade sale, merger or acquisition.

We provide our clients with a portfolio of bespoke services that extend well beyond the sale. These include Business Restructuring, Succession Planning, Tax & Estate Planning,  MBOs & LBOs, Trade Sale Valuation, Trade Buyer Selection including initiation, negotiation and closing, as well as Partnership Splits, Marital Splits and Litigation Support.

Our team of experts are active throughout the Asia Pacific region and beyond. Whether assisting clients in one country or across borders, Crown provides unparalleled country specific expertise.

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